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QA and Test Improvement

Sogeti's QA and Test Process Improvement approach is essentially business driven making the implemented changes really valuable by supporting your organization's goals

IT Strategy is nowadays formed on the basis of the company’s strategic directions. IT is therefore essentially business driven and so should be its key processes and assets, also including the quality assurance and testing processes and procedures. Sogeti provides truly business driven methodologies, TPI and TMap NEXT for both assessing QA and test processes and implementing improvements in these key IT process areas.

What makes Sogeti’s test improvement method business driven?

First of all, Sogeti’s consultants analyze and inspect your organizations QA and Test Processes from the point of you what are the business drivers relevant for you. Our method of assessment is tailored based on what is the specific aim of the test process improvement in your organization. Typical examples of the relevant business drivers include test cost reduction and improved time to market. Sogeti can help you to reach your business targets with our world class methods of test improvement.

Secondly, the test processes we implement always include the element of analyzing the product deployment risks with the business stakeholders. This makes your test process essentially business driven, not only during the process improvement phase but throughout the project deliveries, and not only in one project but in all of your projects.

How can our organization benefit of Sogeti’s business driven approach?

  • Receive objective and independent analysis of the current status of QA and Test Process aligned with business goals
  • Get staged proposal of the improvements which we will implement in your organization to fulfill the business needs set for testing
  • Fully new or renewed test process based on business risk analysis

What are the concrete expected outcomes of Sogeti’s test process improvement project?

  • When the quality of testing improves and testing is more business driven, the expected number of the defects in the Production systems decreases
  • Depending on the business drivers in question, the time to market may increase or the cost of the testing decrease
  • We can also emphasize the flexibility in the agile test development projects

What are the typical phases of the Test Process improvement project?

  • Test Process Improvement assessment is a typical first phase of the Project
  • Secondly, the found opportunities for improvements are analysed
  • Thirdly, a project plan is created for the improvement project and approved by the customer in the steering group
  • Fourthly, the test process or the planned changes are described. In this we can utilize Sogeti’s TMap NEXT methodology to ensure the approach is based on a complete test approach
  • As a fifth step, typically all of the project deliverables are presented, fine-tuned and validated in the customer workshop to ensure they fit with the customer’s environment
  • As a last step, the deployment phase will ensure that the improvements are fully taken into use starting with the chosen pilots

Sogeti has several senior level consultants, who are specialized in test improvement projects and have years of experience of delivering excellent results for our customers who seek improvements in their Quality Assurance and Testing practices.

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