OUR SERVICES - an overview

Professional testing services

Sogeti in Finland

In Finland we concentrate on software testing and QA. We collaborate with Sogeti offices all over the world, but especially with Sogeti Sverige AB, Sogeti Norge AS and Sogeti Danmark A/S. 

Testing Services

Sogeti worldwide

Sogeti offers IT-services all over the world and offers its customers widespread IT knowledge and skills. We offer comprehensive IT-services which  means we don't observe IT as a separate phenomenom. Successfull IT-strategy needs to be closely bonded with business strategy and organisation's aims. Sogeti's goal is to unite organisations and IT. 

We mainly operate in five areas worldwide: 

  • IT-operations management - questions regarding IT operations management and questions about combining IT and business. 
  • IT design - choosing and planning IT solutions, architecture and infrastructure, and impact analysis on investments, feasibility study and technical requirements
  • IT solutions - system, application and IT-infrastructure's development and intregration
  • IT management - IT infrastructure's system management and use
  • Sogeti has technical experts from various fields who are able to bring expertise into the project. We call this area by name IT-experts

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Sogeti is a world leader in innovative, business-driven quality assurance and testing services. As independent and objective testing specialists, our clients call on us when they need long-term strategic testing solutions, as well as the more immediate pragmatic delivery of testing programs. 

As one of the largest testing service providers in Europe and USA, operating from 15 countries worldwide, we help organizations achieve their testing and QA project and program goals.

We reduce the risk of IT failures, cut development and maintenance costs, as well as time to market, improve the quality of deliverables and ongoing QA performance, and most importantly we meet the requirements of the business.

Testing solutions that deliver results

We know that our solutions lead to significant benefits for clients including:

  • Cost effective solutions
    - Significant top level cost savings through strategic sourcing of test services 
    - Operational cost reduction in delivery and maintenance costs through early detection of defects and reduced re-work
  •  Improved time to market 
    - Our structured approach and test automation speeds up test processes
  •  Greater control and enhanced software quality 
    - Improved user satisfaction and defect reporting
  •  Improved insight into the role of QA and testing within IT delivery
    - Closer collaboration and integration wityh development teams and agile projects

Our Portfolio

Managed Testing Services – Sogeti’s collaborative approach to sourcing testing and QA services

Quality Transformation Services – value-add quality assurance service that enables clients to assure their business objectives and goals of digital and IT-led transformation programs.

PointZERO® – our software testing vision showing that to prevent rework we have to shift quality measures all over the application lifecycle.

Testing Centers of Excellence – a virtual and centralized command center using HP ALM technology that delivers QA efficiency

Specialized Services

Test Automation – combining the effective use of tools and global teams to define what can be automated, increase efficiency and speed up the return on existing testing tool investment.

Mobile Testing – mobile testing methodologies and solutions to ensure that the intended business value is delivered by the mobile solution.

Security Testing – comprehensive services aiming to minimize the risks related to cyber crime.

Software Testing as a Service (STaaS) – our low-cost, on-demand outsourced test execution; fixed price, fixed result and fixed date

Testing Platform as a Service (TPaaS) – secure and reliable on-demand test platform and tooling on our private cloud.

Agile Testing – providing focus on quality and customer.

SAP Testing – a range of specialized SAP Testing services using an industrialized approach based on our TMap® NEXT methodology

Our foundation
Each solution is based on Sogeti’s own innovative methodologies that manage business and IT risk and produce identifiable results. The essential framework is TMap®, the world standard for structured testing.

In response to the changing testing environment, we have completely updated the methodology - TMap NEXT®. There are now more practical examples, increased focus on risk analysis and management input, more information on test infrastructure, and improved descriptions of test design techniques. Plus test types for regression, usability, performance, portability and security have been added.

TMap®-based Project and Program Testing – our world leading business-driven, risk-based methodology for structured software testing

TPI-based Test Process Assessment and Improvement – our tried and tested industry standard for the assessment of an organization’s testing maturity as well as implementation of process improvements.

Testing Academy – Our Testing Academy provides the best leading-edge online training to our over 12,300 professional testers around the Sogeti and Capgemini world for the benefit of our clients.

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