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Functional Testing

Sogeti's risk based test methodologies secure that the most critical defects are found by functional testing in the very early phase of the project life cycle

Software Testing is a key success factor for IT Projects with identifying and mitigating Product risks by finding the right defects before the deployment. For this purpose, it is of upmost importance, that testing is risk based, and adequately planned and implemented following a structured Test Process. Sogeti’s TMap NEXT methodology provides a flexible and adaptable method for all kind of IT Projects to successfully manage and implement testing.

Let our competent and highly experienced Test Managers to take care of the Test Planning activities:

  • Test Strategy creation
  • Analyzing the Product Risks of deployment
  • Test Effort Estimation and Test Schedule Creation
  • Defining the Test Control (Monitoring, Reporting, Adjusting)
  • Defining the Test Deliverables
  • Defining the Test Organization
  • Defining the Test Process, Methods, Tools and Infrastructure

Ensure that test cases are derived from the Project sources in a standardized way by letting Sogeti’s Test Engineers to design tests by:

  • Reviewing Requirements and Specifications
  • Testability analysis of the Test Basis
  • Defining Test Conditions, Test Specifications and Test Cases
  • Defining Test Data
  • Executing the Pre-Test (smoke tests)
  • Executing the Test Cases
  • Reporting of the Defects
  • Retesting fixed Defects

Select Sogeti’s Test Management Approach to benefit of the concrete outcomes:

  • Most critical defects found early in the development life cycle
  • Feedback provided systematically to the development teams and stakeholders
  • Test planning aligned with Project planning increasing the visibility and accuracy of testing
  • Delivering on time with keeping the project schedules with reliability and predictability
  • Decreased amount of defects in the Production systems
  • Cost effectiveness due to several factors related to the reliability of the chosen approach

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