Performance and Stress Testing

Have you ever used an application that is frustratingly slow - sure you have. If you are not forced to, would you use that application twice? When 'point-and-click' becomes 'click-and-wait' you have lost your customer. Would you want your application to give this experience to users? Definitely not.

Not only should software today be always available, it is also expectation that the system responds without delays. For the end user, a system that slows down to a crawl, or worse crashes under load - simply does not work. Performance testing helps you to answer to this demand.

Many understand the importance of performance testing, but often performance tests are still not run as frequently or as well as they should be. One of the reasons is that performance testing is simply not that easy. Just using the tools is not enough, you need people with the skills to use the tools both the right way and effectively.

Successful testing also requires understanding of not only performance testing methods but also how system internal components work, like details of application containers, network components and databases.

Benefits of performance testing

Performance testing is well suited for ensuring performance of new applications or releases. It is also used for verifying new environments, new settings and hardware. And it is instrumental in finding out the means to improve the performance of the system.

With performance testing system components that will fail to perform at the expected load can be identified early. Performance testing can also be used to predict how long the current system software and hardware will be able to serve as the user amounts change.

Performance testing in a structured manner, with the TMap® process bring benefits to the organization:

  • Higher system availability
  • Improved end user experience
  • Visibility of performance impacts of a system changes
  • Capability to predict when system will need restructuring
  • Facts instead of guesses on system performance

Our service

Sogeti offers performance testing done by skilled professionals. Depending on customer's needs the performance testing can include:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Endurance testing (a.k.a. soak testing, stability testing)
  • Spike testing
  • And other subcategories of performance testing as needed

Our performance test experts have the knowledge and experience to benefit your needs, whether that is to find out or improve performance of a specific application or environment, or to assist in defining, building and running performance tests as part of the ongoing testing process. The used tools are either open source or commercial tools based on what is needed for the task.

Examples of performance testing that our experts in Sogeti Finland have done include:

  • Website and web application performance testing
    (from customers' internal pages to global applications)
  • SAP performance testing using SAP Web,SAPGui and batch jobs
  • Web service performance testing for mobile apps
  • SOAP, rest etc. protocol based performance testing of system components
  • Performance testing using the desktop application front-ends of the target system
  • High availability testing under load
  • Cloud based performance testing and performance testing of cloud based applications

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