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Test Management

Sogeti's Test Managers are succesfull due to their professional experience and high-quality test methodologies. Well structured TMap Next based test management is best in the field.

Most IT organizations face the challenge of providing a competitive advantage to the companies their serve. The accuracy, speed and precision of IT systems have become game changers for any company seeking for sustainable business. Therefore, the software and systems IT organizations build must go through a thorough and yet at the same time efficient process of structured quality analysis and testing.

Sogeti’s test managers are highly skilled professionals who can achieve the required results with a minimum of effort and resources. They provide test management and coordination activities to the customers based on their needs to deliver in time, with the required quality and avoiding business risks.

Sogeti’s Test Management approach is based on TMap NEXT methodology, which is used all over the world. All of our consultants have extensive training and certification program in TMap methodology. What we can provide with the help of TMap’s methods, processes, templates and tool integration is a competitive edge of avoiding risks related to the deployment by careful business and technical analysis of the system under test.

Our structured test process in TMAp also allows us to systematically estimate and plan, specify, execute and report tests. Due to TMap being flexible and adaptable to any of the customer’s circumstances, Sogeti’s Test Managers are able to deliver the testing activities completely fitting the requirements of the customer organization.

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