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Overall impression
In Pursuit of Digital Happiness, Michiel Boreel
Designing service for humans in the age of AI, Matias Vaara
My Super Power is Artificial Intelligence!, Michele M. Sullivan
Using the Force of the New Paradigms in IT to become a QA Jedi, Jerry Saelemakers
Testing doesn't have to be painful, Markus Rantanen
Test data management in OP, Heli Hurme
Test Automation for a cloud-first IT applications strategy in integrated SAP environments, Jeba Abraham
Testing in the digital age; AI makes the difference Stefan Gerstner & Tom van de Van
A testing journey in the age of Smart Assistants, Geoff Meyer
Every Superhero Needs a Powersuit: How to level up your entire team’s automation skills, Kapser Fehrend
Cloud Testing - A solution behind the hype!, Nitesh Vij
From legacy until today – testauksen ja testausautomaation matka tähän päivään, Jani Lindholm
Digital Transformation Requires Continuous Testing, Ingo Philipp
Mikä erottaa parhaan hyvästä?, Reijo Jylhä & Virpi Sarasvuo
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