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Imagine Digital Happiness, Michiel Boreel *
The New Normal, Benjamin Särkkä *
How design can help companies to imagine the future, Jule Jenckel & Susanna Laanikari *
The Art of Cyber Security, Kimmo Vesajoki *
Air France-Sogeti partnership to build a multisite agile test center, Florence Guerlais *
The Story of Information Security, Matti Parviainen *
Knowledge work in 2030, Jaakko Lehtinen *
Detect and Stop Advanced Threats, Kim Rejman *
Case Outotec: Business Assurance in SAP SAFe Environment, Shashank Kallole *
Make cybersecurity agile and efficient, Thomas Fillaud *
Cognitive QA: Gain Actionable Insights into your Current Test Strategy, Antoine Aymer & Maheshwar Kanitkar *
Micro Focus: Imagine Digital Safety Assured, Arno van de Velde *
Kohti inhimillisempää digitaalista vuorovaikutusta, Katri Saarikivi *
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