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When: Monday, October 28, 2019 - Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Where: Hôtel Westin Vendôme Paris, France

Digital transformation is an organization’s response, not merely to changing technologies, but more importantly to changing behaviors. You need to be on top of your customer’s expectations and preferences, while at the same time able to integrate advanced technologies with existing business processes. Leading these endeavors of course requires strong delivery skills and change management.

But, because of the unpredictability of people, it is strong discovery skills that are going to make the decisive difference. In that sense, digital transformation is, first and foremost, a journey of exploration, discovering uncharted new territories and understanding its inhabitants. This year’s Executive Summit ‘Utopia for Beginners’ on October 28-29 in Paris, will delve deeper into this journey

A wake-up call for discovery skills

When you were young, you had dreams. Perhaps you still do. But once you've become a digital chief, it is so much harder to dream and explore the amazing world around you. For now, it is primarily your job to deliver on the digital transformation. Part of the success however comes from igniting the chief exploration officer in you. This year’s Executive Summit is therefore a wake-up call, an opportunity to revitalize your discovery skills. The point on the horizon is your Utopia: a highly desirable, almost perfect place that doesn’t (yet) exist.

New technologies spiking up fantasy

There are important questions to consider. Is your Utopia aligned with the latest technology and what would be the impact? Are you for instance looking at the so-called Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) technology, the next trend in AI? It is said that it will make technology truly creative. Imagine AI creating new products, new designs, new ideas. Is it too far-fetched to believe that GANs will be the co-producers of this new Utopia: spiking up fantasy and creativity?

A new generation is rising

For some, Utopia is no longer a destination; they have already arrived. Here we’re talking about the new generation: the post-millennials. They're ‘on-life’, moving seamlessly between on- and off-line and they are one step ahead of your future. Based on the latest insights from our recent research, ‘The Synthetic Generation’, we suggest another question. How do you not only align with the technical side of their behavior, but also deliver on their new ethical standards, their trust, and their craving for authenticity?

There's a lot to explore, but in the end, we're all beginners. Technology is in its infancy, and there is a new generation, your peers, and you. And then - as always - there's legacy, risk averseness, unwillingness to change, short-sightedness and resistance to overcome. At this year's Executive Summit, we want to start creating the future. Based on your expertise, the inspiration from keynote speakers, the joint effort of the attendees, and the 24 hours we have available, we're going to build a new Utopia!

Questions that we will address at this year’s Sogeti Executive Summit are:

  • How can a Utopian mindset strengthen digital transformation?
  • How do you align your organization with the demands of the synthetic generation?
  • What are the creative capabilities of what’s next in AI and how will it impact your organization?
  • What are the quick fixes required to start your expedition towards a Utopia for your customers and employees?


10:20 - 10:45
State of the Art

Kick off

Introduction to the event and a brief overview of the Sogeti SAP Testing practice

Pranay Ranjan - Testing Leader, Sogeti Belgium

What are the challenges in Testing SAP systems? How can SAP testing be optimized for your delivery and business benefits? Can test automation improve business assurance? Our experts provide insights with respect to this specific context

Charuta Deshpande - Testing Leader, Sogeti India

In this session, you’ll gain deep insights into how to shift from a Quality Assurance to a Business Assurance mindset. Based on a live case study our experts share their insights on how to create smart test solutions, including an optimal mix of automation tooling, to assure test coverage, agility and speed to market of your SAP implementation tracks


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