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Going Digital: Gamifying Frequent Flyer programs

Let’s apply some digital wonder potion to one of the cornerstones of modern air travel: Frequent flyer programs. They have been around since the 1980-ies but the concept is under pressure.

How do you make everybody feel special? How do you strategically reward the people who are going to give you the most business down the line, without disappointing others? What would a truly digital frequent flyer program look like? How do you really engage frequent flyers in an age where personalization, context and interactivity are everywhere? Some loose ideas…

Personalize: No more Platinum, Gold or Silver

Tiers, based on a fixed number of points or flights are a hassle. Every time you change the requirements for the levels –which will always happen because economics change- without fail you disappoint a section of your loyal customers. Instead, with today’s technology, there could be some kind of open-ended continuum. A scale where there is always an incremental benefit to making just one extra flight. And the more you fly, the more benefits or miles will get ‘vested’, or something similar.

We can now super-personalize everything. Why not also change the communication to be individual rather than simply based on tiers? We can even tell people that they are in the ‘top 25% of people who joined around the same time’ or made the ‘top 10% of people from their company’, the ‘top 5% of people who live in the same city’ etc. You can come up with many ways to make lots of people a winner. More importantly: one extra flight removed from becoming a winner too! [...]


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