Getting inspired is good - action is better

Last week I was invited to speak at a Women in Tech event hosted by Sogeti in Finland. The topic was “Making yourself visible”, enabling women to get the roles and positions that they deserve, through personal branding. I offered concrete tips and tricks on how to make yourself more visible, how to support the visibility of others and highlighted the benefits of doing so.

As head of #addher, Swedens largest network for women in IT initiated and headed by Sogeti, I have been speaking passionately about this topic for many years now, as I see the women in the IT sector still being too few, percentage-wise, in all roles in the companies and organizations within the IT sector. One of the ways to change that is that all IT women, and their supporters of any gender, increase the visibility of these amazing IT ladies. So, I keep on inspiring women with concrete ways to do that. And encourage the ones that do not have the strength nor the courage right now, to then find energy by visualizing other women in the meanwhile.

Picking the cherries from the “how to make yourself visible” pie
A short recap of my tips and trix for all that have attended my inspirational sessions and for you who have not done so yet.


I am blessed and honored every time I get the opportunity to share my tips and trix. I love seeing when there is a light and “aha!” in the eyes within the audience. But I want more.

Just inspiring others is not enough anymore. I want to see that glow translate into action, concrete action, that actually makes a difference in that woman’s life. With concrete tips and trix there is a way forward, picking the cherries from the pie, one by one, adding your own as you go along and move forward. If one cherry is all that you can digest at this moment, that’s fine. Because it is a start. A start for hungry cherry pie eaters that want to do what they can to contribute to their own success, showing the way for others to do the same. If we want more women in IT we desperately need more role models. You can be that role model, small or large. Passing on the make yourself visible flag to others. 

One action – what is yours?
Christmas is far away but I already know what I want from Santa. That all of you women that reads this blog post take one action today – to eat a cherry from the make yourself visible pie – starting or moving forward on your personal branding journey. And if you are still hesitant. Here is a reminder of some of the good things that can come out of it:


So stop thinking about it. Because you all know, action speak louder than words.

A lot of love and success!

Visit the Women in Tech Finland Facebook page to view Therese’s full speech at the event in Espoo, June 5th:

About Therese

Therese Sinter is the national driver for #addher, Sweden’s largest network for women in IT, finalist to the national award “Sweden’s most inspiring coworker and Marketing & Communications Director for Sogeti in the Nordics. She often speaks at events and is passionate about gender balance solutions.

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