Robotics and man

Where Do We Go with Robotics?

Isn’t it surprising how people think about robotics? The debates about robotics have lasted since the 19th century with Frankenstein’s monster, through the 20th century with Karel Capek and Isaac Asimov.

All along the way, we always hear and read the same arguments again and again. Will robots reduce or increase employment? Do we want robots to be around us? Are they dangerous to the human race? Could they overcome our human way of thinking and take advantage of us?
Discussions about this topic often make reference to successful works of fiction like Star Wars, Blade Runner, Terminator and other Asimov-inspired pieces.

Couldn’t we see this technological progress like other advances: like a tool we could use? Couldn’t we see robots like machines first, and only as intelligent as we are willing to make them? Why is “losing control of everyday life” more of an issue with robots than any other technology?

Where is this tool coming from?
The first remarkable fact is that our anxiety towards robots is only triggered when robots emerge in our everyday lives.
Robotics have already soared into[...]

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