WOW #1
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WOW #1:“How to enable innovation”

World-renowned Andreas Sjöström is known to be three years ahead of most of us when it comes to innovation and looking into the future. He is the first guest in our new podcast series about innovation and things that makes you go WOW! And Andreas certainly does just that! 

In this episode the WOW podcast showhost Fanny Widman talks with Andreas Sjöström, VP and Director of the San Francisco Applied Innovation Exchange at Capgeminiabout how we can innovate in the best way.  How you enable innovation, how to create capability out of innovation, what showstoppers you may meet and what can be the benefits of working cross-sectors. They also dive into the subject of how big cooperation’s can innovate as fast as startups.  

In other words, it is an episode with a lot of great content! You can find it on any platform where podcasts are found, or just listen right here! 

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  • Fanny Widman
    Fanny Widman
    Showhost WOW Podcast
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