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WOW #4: "How to lead in a digital environment"

Due to current situation that the world is facing the process to move employees into a digital workspace has been forced upon us. This puts a lot of pressure on leaders in adjusting their leadership to a digital one. Tech profile Tuva Palm dives into the topic in this episode of the WOW podcast series.

This week we meet Tuva Palm who has a long background in the tech-industry. Both with working very close to the technique but also with leadership on high levels. We talk about the digital leadership, what it means and how to inspire employees to work towards results. About how to foster innovation in these challenging times, how it can support us and how you can create an opportunity out of it. Because don’t forget that these big changes will impact the way of living and that this also makes it possible for us to use innovation to support these.  


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  • Fanny Widman
    Fanny Widman
    Showhost WOW Podcast
    +46 730 22 15 24