"The Synthetic Generation": Report 3 of 4 in Digital Happiness Series

"The Synthetic Generation": Report 3 of 4 in Digital Happiness Series

Read the third report from SogetiLabs on the overall theme of Digital Happiness, focusing on Gen-Z.

Get real – confronting the new Gen-Z reality

Digital_Happiness_covers-03-300x424.jpgBurp. Slurp. Gulp. You might think it odd to watch and listen to somebody eating, but this is the new reality for today’s Gen-Z generation. The third report in Sogeti’s Digital Happiness series assess the new social (media) habits of this post-millennial generation, study the journey to today, and asks what organizations need to do to remain relevant and trusted in a world where what’s real and fake is becoming increasingly difficult to see.

The report describes how young people follow each other and see the world through the eyes of their contemporaries. It is a game of influencing and wanting to be influenced by “ordinary” people. And it sees a turning away from the paths that other generations have followed.

From avatars and AI, to ‘truth’ that’s easily manipulated, we consider the impact of digital on young people’s understanding of the world, their relationships, and their expectations for the future of work. What’s clear is that authenticity is key to this generation’s pursuit of happiness – but helping youngsters identify what is real and what is fake is an ongoing challenge.

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The report argues that:

  • Employers must understand the power of the influencers. Aligning your brand or organization with influencers – or being an influencer – is key to success
  • Gen-Z employees are better equipped to handle themselves in this new world than you might imagine – real or fake, they get it
  • Being an ethical and inclusive employer with a ‘purpose’ counts to Gen-Zers

What impact will this new generation – The Founders, Homelanders, the Fluid Generation, Gen-Zers – have on the workplace of tomorrow?

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