TestExpo™ 2017

Welcome to TestExpo™ 2017 in Helsinki, Finland at Hotel Clarion 11 September!

For the second time, Sogeti Finland is organizing one of the biggest testing conferences in Finland, TestExpo™, with the focus on Digital Assurance, Testing and Cyber Security. Theme this year is Mind the Gap: the speed of technological development is now so high that there is a gap between competence and the new technologies and processes, and we will be bridging the gap 11th of September!

We will give you a better understanding of quality assurance and test IT solutions in the future, including IoT, Big Data, Analytics, Robots, Machine Learning, Cloud, DevOps, Omnichannel, Security among many other new ones.

13 magnificent speakers gather in Helsinki on September 11th to present their experiences, methods, tools and visions to inspire us. We welcome our customers and partners, both current and prospective, and we are looking forward to meeting you.


Practical information:

Hotel Clarion, Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 00220 Helsinki, Suomi

Monday 11 September 2017, 09.00-16.00, registration and coffee 08.30.

Who can participate:
TestExpo is a leading event which is why we can reserve only certain amount of attendees. We accept registrations from potential and existing customers and Sogeti's partners. Sogeti also welcomes potential employees from testing field. 

Registration deadline:
Sign up as soon as possible, and no later than Wednesday 23rd of August.

Participating in the conference is free of charge. The event includes morning and afternoon coffee service, as well as buffet lunch at the Hotel Clarion. 


«Mind the Gap»
If previous experience has taught us something, it's important that as soon as the organization decides to implement new technology, new methods or new processes, we must act quickly to build up the expertise. The speed of technological development is now so high that there is a gap between competence and the new technologies and processes.

Testing n.0

The everyday life in which you are working is changing. You are no longer on the sidelines of the project - instead you have now become an integral part of the whole process, and suddenly you are not only involved in tests, but throughout the quality chain, from requirements and development to QA and testing.

Future Tech, Today

New technologies are being developed and implemented every day, and the testing world must follow. It entails new requirements and new standards for how we work with testing. On this track, it will focus on the new technologies and their opportunities and challenges.

Personal Excellence

The "Personal Excellence" track covers the professional development of the tester / test manager in the form of succesfull company story of medical devices and what is demanded from race engineer in ultra competitive Formula One world. As companies have begun and will continue to seek specific competencies, the track will discuss how to develop and exceed your limits. 

Cyber security

Transforming your business to make the most of new ways of working is a strategic imperative. Doing so securely with effective cyber defense is a powerful enabler for your strategic objectives. Cyber security track will focus customer case, open source code security and GDPR (general data protection regulation).


The TestExpo ™ 2017 program is divided into common tracks and parallel tracks. Each track has its color. The program will be launched soon. Meanwhile, we are proud to present our speakers and some of this year's topics, get to know them in the below!

Mind the Gap

Testing n.0

Future Tech, Today

Personal Excellence



Michiel Boreel, Group Chief Technology Officer, Sogeti

MichielMichiel Boreel has worked in the IT Industry for over 25 years. Now in the role of CTO contributing to the innovation in the group. In 1994 Sogeti asked Michiel to lead a new initiative, Vision, Inspiration, Navigation Trends (VINT), a small research group with the goal of inspiring customers to apply new technology in business processes. Constant theme in all of the VINT research is the question what role IT will play in the future society and how technology can be applied to create meaningful business innovation. Since 2007, Michiel Boreel is, as Chief Technology Officer, part of the Management Board of Sogeti Group on international level. 


Continuous delivery as you want it to be

Continuous delivery makes an agenda for many engineering teams. When there are not that many unknowns in the web world, the embedded software domain is worth exploring. With such diversity of different partner integrations(speakers, consoles, tv’s, cars, etc) Spotify is not an exception. We set ourselves on a journey to reach a state when releases of Spotify’s eSDK is rather a routine and doesn't require anything more than a push of a button. The end goal is clear and sounds easy but challenges are all over the place and every single one needs to be addressed individually. This talk is about how we managed to setup releases of Spotify’s embedded SDK on a predictable schedule and keep improving towards being able releasing on-demand going forward. Our challenges and solutions. What worked, what did not. Pain, tears, joy, and smiles.

Andrii Dzynia, Software Engineer, Spotify


Andrii is an Engineering Coach at Spotify. After spending a decade in various test engineering roles(QA, Tester, Software Developer in Test, Quality Engineer, etc) found out that testing and test automation are performed the best when integrated into team’s daily workflow, where the responsibility for quality equally shared between every team member. He is actively driving the change among Spotify engineering teams, as well as giving external talks to bring the knowledge back to the community. When not busy with work related activities you can find Andrii learning something new(either reading a book or listening to a podcast, etc), sketching out ideas or traveling the world with his family.


DevTestOps: Testing from 3 weeks to 3 minutes and more as beneficial for “Ops” as well

This topic will give you a brief insight in the journey of a underperforming team to a High-Performing-Team taking an integrated ownership for Test, Development and Operations as well.  One of the main enabler was the role and mindset shift regarding testing. Team members challenged themselves by almost unachievable goals which finally makes their dream work.  We dive in some more details of the:

  • Enablers to evaluate to a High Performing Scrum Team
  • Technical evaluation of a scrum-team resulting in a test lead time reduction from 3 weeks to 3 minutes without quality constrains
  • Building software is something different as owning it as well, “We Make-We Own” is our “Ops” slogan.        
  • The ultimate quality driver of the Scrum Team: Continues customer experience feedback without delay.

Dinant van der Starre, Agile Coach, KPN: Royal Dutch Telecom

DinantLast 25 years involved in several roles like, Test Engineer, Test Automation Manager, Engineer, Quality Manager, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Agile Manager. Specially the last 4 years involved in an Agile transformation of a department of around 300 persons within Royal Dutch Telecom known as KPN. Dinant embraces changes and challenges which is factually the reason he likes Agility that much. In private he likes the “Art of Cocktail shaking” and the total freedom of Kite Surfing together with his son. Waiting for his grandchild is ready to join as well.  Welcome to my world!


Working in F1 World and how Testing is done in F1 Team

Testing Formula One cars is extremely challenging. Pressure to get results is immense. There is no room for delay or mistakes. Being late from the start of the season is not an option if teams want to win championships. How does a Formula One team tackle these challenges before the season? What preparation goes into the testing and how does an F1 team deal with the problems? Ossi Oikarinen is sharing his experiences from the top level of the motorsport. Ossi has 20 years of motorsport experience and has worked for several F1 teams around the world.  

Ossi Oikarinen, Race Engineer and Head of test team, Formula One and Technical leader, DTM

OssiOssi Oikarinen has over 20 years of experience in top level of the motorsport. He has worked for Ferrari F1, BMW-Sauber and Toyota-F1 teams and is currently active in DTM series with BMW. Ossi has lead test teams in the ultra competitive world of Formula One and is here to share his experiences how testing is concluded in that enviroment.



Vivek Jaykrishnan, Senior Director (Technology) – V&V Practice, Product and Engineering Services, Capgemini Technology Services India Limited Bangalore

VivekVivek Jaykrishnan is a highly experienced enterprise test consultant and  architect. He has a career spanning 18+ years , steering the functions of Verification and Validation including functional, system, integration and performance test in leadership positions with organizations of repute. Vivek has a proven track record of working across various engagement models including outsourced product V&V in service organizations, Independent V&V in captive unit and globally distributed development in a product company. Vivek also has extensive experience in developing and implementing test strategies and driving testing to align with various development methodologies including continuous delivery, agile, iterative development and water-fall model. Vivek is passionate about applying cognitive intelligence within testing and also is chasing the next frontiers in IOT testing. 


Juan Carlos Guzmán Monet, Senior Project Manager, Telia Company

Juan CarlosJuan Carlos Guzman Monet has an experience of over 20 years in telecom and information system development as well as project management in system integration. This experience is from Latin America, the Nordic and Baltic countries, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Russia. For the last five years he has headed various development programs at Telia Finland Oyj.

He holds a master's degree in data processing from Novosibirsk, Russia, and a marketing degree from Finland. In addition, he has acquired a Master or Project Management certificate from the George Washington University. He also has had a PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) and IPMA Level B (Senior Project Manager) certifications since 2007 and 2006, respectively.

At the present, he is a PhD candidate at Tampere University of Technology (TUT), where his research focuses on program management and the impact of the deliberate and emergent strategy on the program’s scope definition and its success.


Juha Polenius, Test Manager, Sogeti

JuhaCertified Senior Testing Consultant with over 10 years’ experience in testing in the large multi delivery global IT and Telecom projects where time to market has been a critical requirement. Main responsibilities has been to create test plans, manage testing team, defect handling and do the follow up of the product quality. A good knowledge of different project models, waterfall and agile methodology. Experienced in complex system integration testing. Including testing of ITMS systems and mobile shared network. Juha is a reliable team player who has a passion for good quality.


Tapani Aaltio, Managing Consultant, Sogeti

TapaniTapani has been in different roles in IT projects since 1985. In 2005, when he had his own team of Java developers, he understood the value of testing as the team’s financial results where miserable because of too much warranty work caused by bad quality deliveries. As the introduction of the most basic test practices caused the financial results to improve dramatically, he left his team and became a test consultant. Since then, he has been working as quality manager, test manager and test consultant for several local and international customers, responsible for creating test processes and managing test projects. In the last three years, he has been working with several agile teams and guided them in transforming their mindset to agile and lean.


Demand for Excellence in Medical Device V&V

The presentation will discuss the demand for excellence in rapidly changing and competitive, but also highly regulated domain, medical device industry. The precision and accuracy of the treatment is life critical and leaves no room for failure. Bridging the gap required taking into account all aspects, personal, technology and clinical excellence.  

Riku Ruoti, Senior Manager Software Testing, Varian Medical Systems


Riku Ruoti has worked in the field of software testing close to 20 years. His experience ranges from enterprise applications, security technologies, mobile device management, payment solutions and backend integrations to most recently medical devices. In his current role as Senior Manager, Software Testing he is responsible for all of the Verification and Validation for Varian Medical Systems’ Treatment Planning Systems used in cancer treatment.


Security in the Age of Open Source

The use of open source software is ubiquitous worldwide because of the economic and time-to-market benefits it delivers. Simply put, open source is the way application are developed today. Securing and managing the open source in applications is more critical than ever because applications are the #1 attack target and open source often comprises 50% or more of the code in an application. Increasingly organizations are recognizing that open source vulnerabilities represent their greatest application security risk and are seeking innovative solutions to reduce that risk profile.

Peter Andersson, Technical Manager, Black Duck 

Peter Andersson is a Solution Architect at Black Duck. Peter has been Peterworking professionally with Open Source for more than 10 years in differentroles such as Consultant, Trainer, Product Manager, Sales Engineer and Solution Architect. He is an Open Source evangelist and gladly discuss the impact of Open Source and methodologies out of ethical, social, technical and business perspective.


The EU GDPR and Test Data Management: How to solve todays test data challenges?

With the upcoming EU GDPR, the clock is ticking for companies to show they become compliant and take their customers’ data and privacy serious. As companies have often relied on production data for use during testing this is one of the key aspects that is no longer feasible. Often regarded as a security related topic, the GDPR actually plays a large role in understanding the need for proper test data and actually helps us in shifting the discussion we’ve faced as testers for long.

With all the challenges, customers often think that just applying a simple masking logic suffices to tackle the challenges, but that’s not good enough. Being able to design robust masking routines still has residual risks that may be unacceptable in the face of the legislation. However, there is a solution.

Join us in the experience through the eyes of a tester as we solve todays test data challenges with CA Test Data Management and focus on being able to test better rather than just becoming compliant as a tick in the box.

Arno van de Velde, Solution Account Manager Continuous Delivery, CA Technologies

Arno van de Velde is an enthusiastic and agile individual who is able to tell the story of Continuous Delivery and how to remove the barriersArno that usually prevent companies from going on this journey. He helps customers understand what is preventing them from going forward and offers solutions for problems in Test Data, Test Coverage, Service Virtualization and Agile Management. In his current role he is responsible for the partnership with Capgemini / Sogeti in the Northern part of Europe focusing on Continuous Delivery solutions.

Arno joined CA in May 2016 as a Solution Strategist for Test Data Management and Agile Requirements Designer as part of the Continuous Delivery business unit. Before this he spent 10 years working in testing, requirements and quality assurance with various clients. Being able to go from the business to IT in varying degrees of detail and having hands on experience with Test Data Management solutions he is able to explain why companies need a strategy for TDM.


Tomi Pitkänen, Head of ICT Security, Neste


Gerd Rademann, Europe Leader Watson for CyberSecurity, IBM Security Systems Europe


Jerry Saelemakers, Software Presales Team Leader for ADM, General Western Europe at Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Sogeti Finland thanks our partners for contributing to this year's TestExpo with presentations and stands. 



 CA Technologies 










Event venue:

Hotel Clarion, Tyynenmerenkatu 2, 00220 Helsinki

Monday 11th of September, 09.00-16.00, registration and coffee starts at 08.30.

Who can participate:
TestExpo is a leading event which is why we can reserve only certain amount of attendees. We accept registrations from potential and existing customers and Sogeti's partners. Sogeti also welcomes potential employees from testing field. 

Registration deadline:
Sign up as soon as possible, and no later than Wednesday 23rd of August.

Participating in the conference is free of charge. The event includes morning and afternoon coffee service, as well as buffet lunch at the Hotel Clarion. 


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