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Thank you for taking part in TestExpo 2017. We want to improve and make TestExpo better every year, and we would like to have your input. Please take 1-2 minutes to review this year's TestExpo. By giving the feedback you can also participate to lottery of Bose SoundLink Mini II – Bluetooth speaker, worth of 179 euros.

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Overall impression
Algorithmic business for the age of Customer obsession, Michiel Boreel
Continuous delivery as you want it to be, Andrii Dzynia
Bringing the power of Watson to the security analyst, Gerd Rademann
The EU GDPR and Test Data Management: How to solve todays test data challenges, Arno van de Velde
Analyzing Software Repositories to Improve Testing – New Oil or Snake Oil, Vivek Jaykrishnan
FISHNET – How to make Reindeer Surf, Juan Carlos Guzmán Monet, Juha Polenius, Tapani Aaltio
Testing the Apps of Tomorrow - Today! Jerry Saelemaker
Security in the Age of Open Source, Peter Andersson
DevTestOps: Testing from 3 weeks to 3 minutes and more as beneficial for “Ops” as well, Dinant van der Starre
The Role of Security Testing in a Hybrid Environment, Case Neste, Tomi Pitkänen 1 2 3 4 5 not relevant
Demand for Excellence in Medical Device V&V, Riku Ruoti
Working in the F1 World and how Testing is done in F1 Teams, Ossi Oikarinen
The premises
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Technology partners

Black Duck
CA Technologies
Micro Focus
Smart Bear
The exhibition in general

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