New Report on Developing Internet of Things & Industrial Internet Opportunities

The new report from SogetiLabs follows upon its successful fourfold series on the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet (of Things:IIoT). Both flavors are “two of a kind”, transforming the ways in which enterprises operate, collaborate and engage with customers. In this report, the focus is on Sogeti’s vision and client experience and opportunities in industrial and consumer markets, and everything in between: from turbines to toothbrushes.

Connect Talk Think ActParis, France, 09/01/2015 - Sogeti’s new report, “Connect - Talk - Think - Act; Developing Internet of Things & Industrial Internet Opportunities”, does not offer instant recipes for success. That would grossly underestimate the complexity of IoT solutions. Instead it encompasses a clear explanation of IoT opportunities from industrial to consumer markets that are too compelling to ignore. It helps the reader to focus on “Things” from his/her own perspective and develop solutions that will enhance your organization’s competitive edge.

Even though the hype around the so-called internet of Things (IoT) is sometimes deafening, I feel we are just scratching the surface of what will become possible in this Age of Customer Service Innovation. An instrumented, interconnected and intelligent world not only creates tremendous opportunity to make, transport and operate “Things”. It will also lead to stunningly better products based on real-time insight into how we use them,” commented Michiel Boreel, Chief Technical Officer at Sogeti and founder of SogetiLabs.

Advanced Analytics and Sensor Data Brings many new Opportunities
Undoubtedly the most exciting IoT opportunity comes from the insight gained through advanced analytics of collected sensor data. By making products intelligent and interconnected, companies can create value-adding services to better meet customer needs, make product use more efficient and create a far more rewarding customer experience in a true Internet of Things & Services. 

But there’s no free lunch! It takes a lot of well-concerted effort to instrument and interconnect our processes, our practices and our lifestyles. Complex trade-offs are required, which already start at the level of sensors capturing the data. Often, “Things” operate in remote places where electricity and connectivity are scarcely available. Smart decisions must determine what information to keep and what to discard, since realtime data at high sample rates tend to explode quite quickly,” said Michiel Boreel.

After all the relevant sensor information is aggregated, analyses must fuel insight – preferably predictive – into what is happening and what should be done. Ultimately, effective action is needed, ranging from dispatching a service mechanic, commanding an actuator or instructing a call-center agent to connect to a customer. Creating closed real-time loops like this often prove to be complex, especially with respect to reliability and security.

Continuous research on IOT
The new report features concrete innovations and step-by-step progress made by companies in multiple sectors. It follows a four-part series report on Internet of Things; “Things – Internet of Business Opportunities”, “Empathic Things, about the internet in, on and around the human body”, “Fourth Industrial Revolution; Things build a bridge between OT and IT” and “SMACT and the City – New Technologies in Urban Environments”.

The new report, “Connect – Talk –Think – Act; Developing Internet of Things & Industrial Internet Opportunities”, is authored by experts within SogetiLabs and Prof. Dr. Michael J. Capone, Digital Customer Experience expert at Capgemini. All Sogeti publications can be found in Sogeti’s online bookstore.

Download the report: Connect-Talk-Think-Act: Developing IoT & Industrial Internet Opportunities

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