AI-powered Impact Analysis for SAP Updates

AI-powered Impact Analysis for SAP Updates

In this webinar recorded 18th February, you will learn about SAP Business Assurance in general and to discover how you can achieve 100% test coverage of the most-at-risk objects in an SAP update with only 15% of the effort you spend on testing today.

Your business runs on SAP, but likely not on SAP alone. Whenever you update your SAP software, you risk breaking end-to-end transactions, with the potential impacts ranging from costly delays and business losses to upset customers and PR nightmares.

To deliver SAP updates safely and swiftly, you need a strategy for maximizing testing efficiency. One that lets you optimize test coverage by focusing only on the objects that are most at risk from a particular update. A strategy that includes your customizations and interfaces to ensure there are no nasty surprises waiting for you at “go live.”


Juha Vaitilo - CSO & Testing Practice Lead, Sogeti
SAP Business assurance – Overview of our offering
Stefan Gerstner – VP Digital Assurance and Testing, Sogeti
Intelligent Automation and Impact Analysis
Richard Hurst, Senior Solution Architect, Tricentis
Tricentis Live Compare demo – AI Powered Impact Analysis Tool

Richard Hurst, Senior Solution Architect, Tricentis


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    Juha Vaitilo
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