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Webinar - How is QA impacting the Digital World?

Digital transformation has amplified the complexity embedded in application landscapes. Frequently changing requirements, shrinking release cycles, and dwindling budgets, have all raised business demands for quality at speed.

Quality and its perception can either assemble armies of fans and followers or send you back to the drawing board. But just how correlated is quality assurance and customer experience?

Join our 45min webinar with our partners Forrester and Dell EMC on Tuesday 30th Oct at 4:45pm CET. You to learn: 

1. World Quality Report 2018-19 trends that highlight the adoption of automation and excitement around artificial intelligence in software testing

2. A Forrester Research perspective on augmenting test efforts to drive up the smart quotient of your QA practice

3. Dell EMC’s journey into the brave new world of cognitive QA



Mark Buenen

Vice President and Global Leader of Digital Assurance and Testing at Sogeti


Diego Lo Giudice 

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research


Geoff Meyer

Test Architect, Dell EMC Infrastructure Solutions Group

About the World Quality Report

The World Quality Report, which this year interviewed 1,700 CIOs and other senior technology professionals, across ten industries, from 32 countries, is the only global report analyzing application quality and testing trends. It has been produced annually since 2009. Now in its 10th edition, the 2018 report adopted data collection through computer aided telephone interviews. Based on analysis of six respondent groups: CIO, VP Applications, IT Director, QA/Testing Manager, CDO/CMO, and CTO/Product Head, the report surveyed respondents from across the globe through quantitative interviews followed by qualitative deep-dive discussions

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