New report on RPA reveals how organizations in Finland are riding the automation adoption curve

Report on RPA reveals how organizations in Finland are riding the automation adoption curve

The benefits of successfully run robotic process automation (RPA) programs are there for all to see. They offer giant leaps forward in agility, business metrics, and cost for enterprise adopters.

Sogeti's Automation, AI and Analytics team conducted a survey about the shape of RPA in Finnish organizations with an online questionnaire in September 2019. The survey, with 41 questions, was sent to 100+ persons in Finland who have been pre-screened or were identified as influencers in their own organizations’ RPA initiatives. We chose this profile deliberately to arrive at accurate learnings on initiatives and the related numerical figures.

Some of the interesting insights that the report reveals:

  • More than 60% of the companies interviewed in the study are happy or extremely happy with their RPA program
  • 81% of respondents had automated their Finance and Accounting department activities with RPA. Customer Service (43%) and Human Resources (38%) were the next most typical targets.
  • Only 45% of companies have a long-term RPA strategy established.
  • RPA might be a gateway to using other technologies after all.

The report examines the current RPA adoption trend and explains precisely why this is so, identifies pacesetters already integrating initiatives, and outlines critical recommendations for future RPA strategy. The report also lists the biggest positive surprises and negative upsets the respondents have experienced in their RPA or intelligent automation programs.

RPA adoption will grow as more players become part of the network. But before companies invest, they need to analyze all the available data to ensure ROI. Is it time to hop full-throttle onboard?


Jaakko Lehtinen
Jaakko Lehtinen
Director of Automation, AI and Analytics
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