New challenges and new project opportunities keep me constantly motivated

Jayasri Vallala

imageqxe9.pngDescribe yourself with 3 words:
Determined, motivated and focused

Tell about your educational and working background:
I have done my master's in Computer Applications. I have more than 16 years of experience in software testing and test management. In 2013, I joined Capgemini as a Test Manager. Before that, I have been working for Accenture and Computer Sciences Corporation. I have managed large SAP programs in Offshore/Onsite model. I am well versed in test automation tools and eager to learn about new tools which come to the market. I am an expert in conducting test automation tool assessments for SAP S/4 programs and in handling the S/4 Greenfield/Conversion programs.

My career at Sogeti:
I have been part of Sogeti since November 2017. I worked as a Test Manager for one of the S/4 transformation programs untill 2019 and then I joined a NL S/4 greenfield implementation program as a Program Test Manager.

About what you feel inspired in your job?
New challenges and new project opportunities make me motivated to learn new things on daily basis.

How is your typical working day?
My typical working day consists of back to back meetings with different vendors and customer, which give me an opportunity to understand the customer expectations and I work towards those.

Why did you choose Sogeti?
The projects that I have been handling with after joining Sogeti are more challenging than earlier. That's why I have needed to push myself harder, I have learned about new technologies and tools and developed myself as an IT professional. For example, SAP Solution Manager is one of the new roles that I mastered after joining Sogeti. 

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