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WOW #2: "Using AI to prevent exploiting pictures of children on the internet"

In this second episode of the WOW podcast series we meet Thomas Andersson, a senior advisor at ECPAT, an organization that works against sexual abuse of children, now, more proactively than before, with the help of innovation and AI.

The digitalization is amazing in many ways, but it also has negative effects, and this is one of them. The internet has made it much easier for offenders to exploit children and has made the crime much more limitless. As soon as a picture is posted online it is a global problem.

In this episode we talk about how ECPAT is using AI to become proactive instead of reactive when it comes to taking down sexually exploiting pictures of children on the internet. Each day this AI finds 10 000 new images with child sexual abuse, and the number is increasing every day. We also talk about how we in other innovative ways can help to reduce this very big issue.

If you want to support ECPAT or feel like you can help them in any way, visit their website:   


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