May 19, 2022 - 08:30 – 10:30

Unleash the robots!

How to reach your company's full hyperautomation potential with Microsoft tools & Sogeti expertise

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When: May 19th 2022, 08:30 – 10:30

Location: Musiikkitalo / Terassilämpiö, Mannerheimintie 13 A, 00100 Helsinki

More and more companies are exploring the possibilities of hyperautomation, but might be struggling with the execution. With the market full of potential tools, service providers and experiences, it can be a challenge to find the solution approach that is the best fit for the company. This might lead to a situation where the full potential of automation is not achieved, and the whole idea might be rejected as unprofitable.

Hear about how Microsoft Power Platform tools together with Sogeti expertise can help your company on the hyperautomation journey, no matter if you are just starting, or already have experience with automations.


Microsoft Power Platform: your new best friend when starting the Hyperautomation journey

What are the latest trends in automation, and what to expect from the future? With all the talk about low-code and citizen development, it might be difficult to know where and how to start. Microsoft Power Platform offers several tools for automation development with an easy start. Find out how the tools can best benefit you and your company with concrete use case examples.

Key speaker: Petra Karjalainen, Microsoft

Sogeti know-how: How can our expertise help you with your new best friend

Bringing hyperautomation to companies is one of our favorite challenges! Hear about our experiences of working with Microsoft Power Platform tools: from the beginning to upscaling. What kinds of things should you consider, and what kinds of things you can expect to achieve with automation? Discover the potential of hyperautomation and how to expand basic RPA with tools like AI and Machine Learning. Find out about unleashing the humans with citizen development: how to best support the progress and change.

Key speaker: Jaakko Lehtinen, Sogeti

Schedule for the morning:

Doors open, breakfast is served
  • What is going on in the world of automation, what are the current trends, and where are we going?
  • How to work with low-code software and democratize your development
  • How to start automating with Power Automate; how can the tools help you?
  • Some real-life examples
Jaakko Lehtinen
  • Our favorite challenge: how best to accelerate our clients’ hyperautomation journeys
  • What is Sogeti’s experience on Power Platform tools?
  • What is the real potential of hyperautomation — how do you expand basic RPA to make it even better?
  • Great things to achieve: what can you expect from automation?
  • What should you consider when scaling up automation? Sharing our lessons learned
  • Unleash the humans: citizen development — what is it and why now?


Jaakko Lehtinen

Director of Automation, AI and Analytics Sogeti

Jaakko works as Director of Sogeti's Automation, AI and Analytics Services in Finland. He is involved with automation initiatives at leading companies in various industries and helps organizations to utilize ever-evolving technologies to tackle real-life needs and challenges. Increasingly, it means taking advantage of various hyperautomation or artificial intelligence technologies. In the Nordics, Jaakko is known as one of the pioneers of robotic process automation (RPA). He started developing an international RPA service business already back in 2014 and has been closely witnessing the developments, trends, and phenomena in the field of knowledge work automation. Jaakko also has 10+ years of experience in outsourcing services, service operations, and process development.


Minna Mari Leivo ( Event Host)

Lead Developer of Automation, AI and Analytics, Sogeti Finland

Minna Mari is software robots' best friend, with 3 years of experience in RPA and intelligent automation. She helps her customers troughout the whole automation journey, from design and analysis to development and management. She also works as a trainer and a speaker, and is a permanent writer in the mimmitkoodaa blog.

Before stepping into the world of automation, Minna Mari has worked 8+ years in quality assurance, also in manager roles.

Petra Karjalainen

Technology Specialist Microsoft

Petra Karjalainen works as a Technology Specialist at Microsoft Finland. She is specialized in Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Business Applications. She can help your company to unleash the potential for intelligent automation with Power Platform.




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