September 8th 2022, 08:30 – 10:30

How to drive Transformation towards Agile DevOps with ALM Octane

Struggling to deliver quality across your DevOps pipelines? Join and see how your industry peers manage to do it! We share the best practices on how to cover all management requirements for a full software development lifecycle.

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When: September 8th 2022, 08:30 – 10:30
Location: Glo Hotel Kluuvi Meets & Events, Kluuvikatu 4, 00100 Helsinki

Want to have visibility into all aspects of the software quality management process?

ALM Octane is a single platform with a modern user experience to fully manage your software development projects. Sogeti can help you to start any project from scratch and manage your test team over the all-testing stages within the software development lifecycle with transparency and traceability.


In this event you will hear how Valmet is using ALM Octane to improve the quality. Luca Latini (Head of Leap Production Support) will share how to stay focused on quality at every stage of software delivery with transparent goals that align with milestones.

Kim Westergaard (Presales Solution Consultant at Micro Focus) will share how you can enhance your agile planning and testing processes, simplify your toolchain, and improve your daily work experience with a single and complete tool - ALM Octane.

During the event you will have a chance to network with peers from your industry and our technical team.


Breakfast and networking


Luca Latini

Head of Leap Production Support, Valmet

Luca Latini is currently working as the Leap production support manager for the Valmet Leap forward program. The Leap Forward program aims to Implement unified processes across Valmet business lines. He started in Valmet in 2016 as the Leap test manager for the LN Infor ERP. He is currently in charge of the Leap production support team, release process and program testing tools.


Juha Vaitilo

CSO, Quality Engineering & Testing Practice Leader, Sogeti Finland

Kim Westergaard

Presales Solution Consultant, Micro Focus

Kim Westergaard is assisting Scandinavian customers and partners with his deep knowledge of our ADM portfolio as Sales Engineer and is bridging the gap between customers, sales, and product development. Been working with the Micro Focus ADM portfolio since 2006 and joined the company through the acquisitions of HPE Software. Kim is a real quality champignon and enjoys working with the extensive ADM portfolio and is very active evangelizing the same on webinars, expos, and speaker engagements.


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Juha Vaitilo
Juha Vaitilo
CSO, Quality Engineering & Testing Practice Leader
Phone: +358 40 550 0734