June 10th 2022, 08:30 – 10:30

Take your automation journey to the next level by combining process automation and test automation.


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When: June 10th 2022, 08:30 – 10:30
Location: Glo Hotel Kluuvi Meets & Events, Kluuvikatu 4, 00100 Helsinki

Learn how UiPath and Sogeti can help your company on the journey to becoming a Fully Automated Enterprise™. No matter whether we speak about process automation or test automation, a converged automation approach can help you in your automation journey.

Integrating automation into business processes has had far reaching consequences for many enterprises. Automation does not only affect the workforce, but it often acts as a driver to redesign many of the long-established processes, with ultimate goal being an enterprise where all processes that can be automated are automated.

In the event, we will have inspiring talks from Markus Kujala (UiPath) and Gerd Weishaar (UiPath). Together they will describe how UiPath tools can accelerate companies becoming fully automated, and what is the role of test automation in this journey. We also have a panel by seasoned Sogeti experts discussing the differences and similarities of process automation and test automation, and can the same tools and experts be used for both.


Breakfast and networking

What is today's process automation? How has it developed since 5+ years ago when we already talked about RPA? What does it mean to be a Fully Automated Enterprise™? How does test automation relate to today's topics? Can you, and should you, really speak about both process and test automation within the same context?

UiPath is well known for RPA and has been the market leader in the segment for years. But did you know that you can go far beyond transactional RPA with UiPath’s tools? Markus will introduce the concept of the Fully Automated Enterprise, and what that means to you as an user of automations. He will showcase some of the many tools that UiPath provides to help customers reach new levels of automation and fully unlock the potential of their organization.

Panel discussion by seasoned experts. Are process automation and test automation similar? Can you use the same technology for both? Can you really get best of both sides with people with similar backgrouds and skillsets?

Attendees: Topi Asikainen, Minna Mari Leivo, Tuukka Virtanen, Rohit Chandra, Gerd Weishaar


Markus Kujala

Presales Engineer, UiPath

Markus is an automation enthusiast who believes that anything that can be automated, should be automated. He has a diverse background from various engineering roles in different sectors of IT, ranging from racking-and-stacking hardware, to developing software, to helping customers accelerate their business with new technologies. During his career Markus has worked for over two decades as a technical expert at different vendors that manufacture and sell different components of the full stack of IT software, hardware and services. Markus joined UiPath in 2019, and is responsible for supporting the business in Finland and the Baltics as a Sr. Presales Engineer.

Gerd Weishaar

SVP of Product - Test Automation, UiPath

Accomplished executive and product management expert with a solid history of building product management programs from the ground up at two organizations. Expertise in leading a product and organization from smaller, focused scale to #1-in-the-market position, often gaining industry recognition for success. Deep technical skills combined with strategic thinking, capacity building, and team leadership proficiency. Well-positioned for a global company with European groups; holder of dual citizenship in Austria and the United States. Direct experience leading companies across a broad geography including USA, Asia, EU, and the Middle East. MBA with a doctorate in Technical Science.

Jaakko Lehtinen

Director of Automation, AI and Analytics, Sogeti Finland

Jaakko works as Director of Sogeti's Automation, AI and Analytics Services in Finland. He is involved with automation initiatives at leading companies in various industries and helps organizations to utilize ever-evolving technologies to tackle real-life needs and challenges. Increasingly, it means taking advantage of various hyperautomation or artificial intelligence technologies. In the Nordics, Jaakko is known as one of the pioneers of robotic process automation (RPA). He started developing an international RPA service business already back in 2014 and has been closely witnessing the developments, trends, and phenomena in the field of knowledge work automation. Jaakko also has 10+ years of experience in outsourcing services, service operations, and process development.


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