Playing with Reality

Podcast: GPT-4 Changes the Code

In this episode the hosts Menno Van Doorn and Tijana Nikolic, discuss the release of OpenAI’s GPT-4 with the CTO of Data and AI, Joakim Wahlqvist. If you love AI, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this podcast. Tune in here.

The release of OpenAI’s GPT-4 has sent shockwaves around the world of Artificial Intelligence. Its power to work across multiple modalities and increased precision in its answers has astounded many - but what about those in the coding community? Because AI has been used in the coding space for some time - from Codex, to Microsoft’s Power Platform, and more. But with new models of GPT able to turn natural language into code, what will this mean for the future of coding? Will it see developers out of a job as code becomes fully automated by AI? Or is the quality of its output not quite there yet? On Playing with Reality we ask: Just how much has GPT-4 changed the code? 

Join our hosts Menno Van Doorn and Tijana Nikolic, who are in conversation with Joakim Wahlqvist, our guest speaker for episode 3: 

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Today’s Guest

Joakim has been at Sogeti for the past 6 years, where he recently became the CTO of Data and AI. He has a wealth of experience across the AI space and was once a developer himself. He now works to help clients implement AI technologies to bring about rapid innovation across the digital technology ecosystem. 

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