Playing with Reality #1

Playing with reality #2: "Innovation in augumented reality"

What are the most exciting innovations in the augmented reality space? Is this technology a new stage of human evolution, where people will develop Supersight? Find out on this week’s episode of Playing with Reality.

Augmented Reality is one of the most exciting frontiers in modern tech - from Google Glass to Snapchat filters, it already plays a significant role in our lives, more than many might think. New developments in hardware and AR’s opportunities for online community engagement have driven the field forward, putting us at the precipice of widespread use in normal life. But are there any costs to this? And where did AR actually begin - with smartphone cameras, or simple eye glasses? In this episode of Playing with Reality, we look to the future of this hugely exciting field, finding out about the most exciting innovations and companies currently on the market, while exploring why the enhancement of sight is going to dominate the future of popular technology.

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Today’s Guests
David Rose
David Rose is an entrepreneur, MIT lecturer, author, and expert on all things to do with designing a better metaverse. His current role is as CTO of Home Outside, an AR tool that will allow people to redesign their backyards, and before that, he founded other AR companies like Clearwater. He has lectured on digital technologies at MIT and many other prestigious institutions.
You can find more about him through his website, where you can also order his book, Supersight:
Jason McDowall
Jason is an investor and entrepreneur in AR companies in this space, who has been working in the field since the dawn of the internet in the mid 2000s. He is currently the VP Product and Head of Visual Experience at Ostendo Technologies, a company that has built a “Quantum Photonic Imager” something that optimizes the way in which consumers can view both worlds at the same time: The physical reality and the projected augmented reality.
He also has his own podcast, The AR Show, where he speaks to brightest minds in AR to learn more about the cutting edge of tech in this field.
You can subscribe to the AR Show here:

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