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SAP Finug hosted by Sogeti - Live webinar 06.05.2021
SAP Test Tooling approach and End-2-End Automation
Case: Global beverage company

Learn how to secure you critical business operations in the SAP landscape, End-2-End!

In the complex and integrated SAP environments, testing only the core SAP is not enough. Ultimate target is to keep cross-application business processes flawless and up & running 24/7. Maintaining security, performance and stability of the system landscape is also fundamental topic. Thus, practicing End-to-End Testing is needed.

In a joint strategy for Sogeti and a large player in the beverage industry, was to address the need to establish the Business Assurance layer in the existing portfolio to provide best in class testing services with a focus on automationinnovation, and continuous improvement.

Business Assurance layer helps in ensuring the optimized business process End-2-End coverage with Intelligent Automation, thus delivering “quality with speed” in a complex integrated landscape.

What will you learn in this webinar?

  • What is the End-to-End Testing and why it is needed to secure business flowing smoothly?
  • How it can be implemented all the way from the large-scale SAP business transformation programs to Run phase
  • What kind of tooling is needed to support automatized End-2-End Testing
  • How Quality Assurance was implemented at a global beverage company to support E2E regression testing by using Tricentis Tosca, a codeless test automation tool

This webinar is intended to all who are interested about ensuring smooth business operations in the environment that has SAP or another ERP package as the core of the IT.

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