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Future-Proofing Valmet with Test Automation and Enterprise Management

Copado + Sogeti + Valmet: Triangulating Test Automation & Infrastructure Solutions

Accelerating Salesforce Transformation with Sogeti

To handle Salesforce infrastructure needs and application development, Valmet joined forces with Sogeti. Part of the Capgemini Group, Sogeti operates in 100+ countries to tailor innovative solutions across quality assurance and testing — all fueled by AI and automation — that help organizations implement their digital journey at speed. Sogeti identified a weak link in Valmet’s development lifecycle: Manual regression testing.


Successfully execute Salesforce transformation strategy and replace manual regression testing with end-to-end test automation.


Valmet relies on Sogeti and Copado Robotic Testing to tackle server management, application deployments and end-to-end regression testing on Salesforce. 

Results with Copado:

  • 200+ Weekly Automated Regression Tests
  • 16% Increase in User Story Deployments
  • End-to-End Pipeline Visibility and Traceability
  • Fewer Production Issues Due to Fewer Overlaps
  • Quality Gates and Risk-Free Deployments

The Challenge

Achieving the Impossible with Automated Regression Testing

Valmet turned to the test automation marketplace to support the groundswell of Salesforce development and lock down a high level of software quality. Manual regression testing was taking far too much time to cover the growing scale of Salesforce development.

“We had to test everything by ourselves,” Xavier recalls. “As the amount of development items continued to increase, it became nearly impossible to execute regression testing in time for each Salesforce release.”

Without test automation, QA professionals lacked the time or the tools to keep up with Valmet’s aggressive release timeline. As a result, Valmet’s IT team was forced to cross their fingers and hope developers caught every bug in the development stage during unit testing.

“Of course that wasn’t enough,” says Xavier.

But with Sogeti by their side, Valmet finally had the dedicated testing resources to lay the groundwork for test automation. An application support team from Sogeti helped Valmet develop documentation and search the marketplace for testing solutions.

Valmet’s first foray into the test automation landscape ran into a major roadblock: They couldn’t implement end-to-end test cases. The IT team wasn’t interested in building a custom Robot Framework on an onsite server — they wanted a cloud-based solution designed for the Salesforce platform. In 2021, Sogeti helped Valmet implement Copado Robotic Testing to deliver end-to-end test automation across Salesforce and multi-cloud environments.

“We started off with a few test cases for Salesforce and they were very successful,” says Valmet IT Manager Katja Nisumaa-Saarela. “Copado Robotic Testing helped us execute end-to-end test cases across emails, servers and beyond.”

Key Challenges

  • Manual Testing Couldn’t Keep Up with Scope of Development
  • Unit Testing Performed by Developers Led to Buggy Code
  • Lack of Automated Regression Testing Bottlenecked Releases

“Copado Robotic Testing helps us run regression tests for each Salesforce release and gives us the confidence that everything is running smoothly.”

- Katja Nisumaa-Saarela, IT Release Manager, Valmet

The Solution

Joining Forces with Sogeti for Quality Management & Robotic Testing

On a weekly basis, Copado Robotic Testing enables Valmet to automate end-to-end regression tests to find and fix bugs on new Salesforce features before they go to production. In tandem, the Finnish firm leverages Sogeti’s quality management expertise to deliver and deploy quality faster with an integrated validation process across all phases of the development lifecycle.

Today, Valmet has a versatile IT team across application support, QA and development in a multi-vendor environment — as well as a dedicated testing team from Sogeti. Valmet leverages one production org to serve 4,000+ internal and external Salesforce users across the globe. Each release is rich with deployments and each deployment is fast and friction-free.

Within the Copado Robotic Testing Platform, Valmet’s QA team uses no-code tools like Visual Recorder and Flow Editor to automate test scripts that make sure nothing breaks when developers try something new.

“Test automation has had a very positive impact on the overall quality of our release process,” says Katja. “Now, our testers can really focus on testing and create more effective tests.”

The Future

Continuous Development and DevOps Maturity Across the Clouds

The combination of Copado Robotic Testing and Sogeti has enabled Valmet to increase the speed, quality and value of Salesforce deployments. Valmet’s IT team continues to pilot new integrations and seek new ways to innovate with Sogeti and Copado Robotic Testing.

 What’s next for Valmet? More projects, more development and more testing. The IT team plans to merge departments, introduce new agile processes and add another Salesforce org — which means another Copado installation to future-proof everything under the hood.

“Of course Copado has paid off. Weekly automated regression tests have greatly improved confidence in our applications.”

- Xavier Borel, Salesforce Manager, Valmet

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About Valmet

Valmet is a Finnish industrial corporation that builds automated systems for the pulp, paper and energy industries in 30+ countries. Valmet’s IT team implemented Salesforce in 2016 to drive enterprise-grade cloud transformation and handle customer-facing solutions in one place. To keep up with configuration requests, Valmet’s IT team needed to find a way to scale Salesforce at an enterprise level — fast. See how Sogeti and Copado Robotic Testing work hand-in-hand to accelerate Salesforce transformation for this Finnish industrial icon.