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4 Key Focus Areas for a Smarter QA Strategy

SogetiLabs expert Andrew Fullen shares an outline of our approach to QA and Testing in 4 key areas, DevOps, Cognitive QA, Cloud and Test Data Management.

The combination of Digital Transformation and customers’ zero tolerance to defects has put QA center-stage. Rapidly changing technology; mixed Big Data; complex Regulations; and Agile, DevOps and Cloud success in a complex IT and supplier landscape, require a smarter approach to development and testing.  It’s essential to more closely align the IT and QA & Test strategies with business priorities, such as customer experience; enhanced security; speed to market; cost optimization and brand image and corporate reputation. But how do we do it?

Read the entire blog post and interact with Andrew on SogetiLabs website.

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  • Andrew Fullen
    Andrew Fullen
    Solution Director | UK
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