Suffering tester?

Do testers suffer?

In a large number of the projects I’ve been a part of, test has been down-prioritized to give more time to development, and that creates frustration. Sadly, the problem isn’t being addressed, but continues in sprint after sprint, and test can slip further and further behind.

Either the solution is longer days, or some testing has to be cut to create an acceptable amount of testing to be performed. I don’t imagine my situation is unique in any way; most of my colleagues have the same problem. So, how can the team arrive at a solution where every step in the development process gets its dedicated time in order to do a good enough job? Sadly, this is not something that is solvable with the wave of a hand. I think that it takes some effort from everyone involved in the development.

  1. Find out why the time for testing is reduced.
  2. Ensure that the developers get enough time, and that no last minute adjustments come up. Make sure that the planned functionality that is to be developed doesn’t change during the sprint. Alternatively, if new functionality is added, an equal amount has to be cut.
  3. Ensure that developers get the requirements specification in good time, i.e. make demands of the requirements specifiers that everything that is to be implemented is ready.
  4. Ensure that the requirements specifiers, through the product owners, are informed of what is going to be developed and needs requirement specifications in good time before the start of the sprint.

As testers/testleads/test managers we must have the courage to stand up and announce that we are not going to be ready on time due to changing circumstances. We should be proud of our role in the development of new functionality and demand that testing gets its fair share of the time.

  • Mats Johansson
    Mats Johansson
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About Mats Johansson

Mats Johansson is a test manager and test lead at Sogeti Sweden. He has 10 years of experience in the field, and is used to assuming many different roles at the same time. At the moment he is involved in several web projects using Sharepoint, Episerver and mobile solutions.

Mats lives between Linköping and Norrköping in southern Sweden, and enjoys running, hunting and hanging out in nature.