Importance of SAP Regression Testing using Automation

We live in a constantly evolving world filled with hi-tech and an endless amount of information. New, dynamic software is being developed in many companies and the existing ones are constantly releasing new features and improvements. Due to this increasing competition, the project schedules are becoming more ambitious every day, which shortens the time frame for regression testing cycles and leaves room for errors in the system.

Test automation to support regression testing in SAP

Especially considering SAP projects, a proper regression testing of existing functionalities for all live SAP productive units is extremely important, to secure and assure the critical business processes. Despite the importance of regression testing, you may face some reluctance with your stakeholders. The most common questions could be something like the following:

  • How to mitigate configuration changes across SAP modules on regular basis?
  • How to reduce the regression testing cycle even further due to delays in other phases of the project?
  • How to keep itself up to date with a constant rate of change so it’s ready for the next wave?
  • How to ensure sufficient testing coverage and effective QA for critical SAP business processes?
  • How to provide as close to 100% coverage of day-to-day business processes as possible?

The answer to most of the above-mentioned questions links to test automation. The advantage of using SAP automation testing during the regression testing phase is that it truly provides assurance that the critical business functions will continue to work with maximum data coverage. Instead of waiting until the last leg of SAP roll-in to regression test, you can run scheduled SAP automation cycles. This will ultimately reduce the cost of defects [early detection] and helps to improve overall quality. And you make sure that your critical business processes continue to work smoothly without errors.

Even when adopting appropriate automation testing approach, some practical challenges will pop-up.


To solve the above challenges and set up appropriate approach and testing setup. Follow us….

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