Playing with Reality #3

Playing with reality #3: "The Corporate Metaverse"

We all know, the online world today is not as it once was. It is filled with avatars, deep fakes, people playing with their own realities and all kinds of crazy stuff.

From travelling back in time to exploring the depths of the Metaverse, Playing With Reality takes a look at technology as it happens and challenges its boundaries. Join our host Menno Van Doorn, Research Director at Sogeti, as he takes a deep dive into technology with experts from the industry. If you are fascinated by the possibilities of the Metaverse and emerging technology, this podcast is for you.

Welcome to Playing with Reality, a new podcast by Sogeti, Part of the Capgemini Group.

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Episode 3 - The Corporate Metaverse

What is the benefit of the Metaverse to corporations in both the IT and non-digital sectors? Could these spaces become the best new way for organizations to interact with their consumers? Find out on this episode of Playing with Reality.

Joe Pine is an author, management advisor, and co-founder of Strategic Horizons. He has also been a visiting scholar and professor with the MIT Design Lab and the University of Amsterdam. A published author, his books include “Infinite possibility” and “The Experience Economy”.

Jerry Eitel is a partner emeritus in the tax departments of the accounting group, Prager Metis, where he also serves as the Chief Metaverse Officer for their metaverse office. With 35 years of experience in the accounting profession, Jerry now oversees the expansion and planning for Prager Metis’ metaverse clients.

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