Machine Intelligence Report #4

AI first: Learning from the machine

This last in a series of four qualitative research reports from SogetiLabs on the topic of Machine Intelligence, ‘AI First: Learning from the machine’ states that profit and economic growth go hand in hand with the proactive deployment of AI. It further asserts that companies can raise their Corporate IQ by embarking on a new journey of discovery built on intelligent machines.

Recent studies on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are quite clear: organizations that are proac­tively deploying AI present better profit figures than the average in their market. This applies to all the sectors in which they operate. More and more companies are now taking action with more than a third of the organizations applying AI at scale.

The report explores the latest developments on the journey to being an AI-first organization and recommends a number of actions for improving Corporate IQ with a better understanding of the relationship between man and machine.

Download the report here. 

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