Global Product & Engineering Services

Adopting new age digital technologies and engineering models is essential for global R&D networks today to create more innovative products faster. Discover how we partner with your enterprise to build successful smarter products and services, through our solutions for Digital Engineering in a Connected World.

Ushering the New Era of Digital Engineering Experience

The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, ‘Software Defined’ and the evolving physical and digital integration have changed expectation of product functionality and interoperability. Every aspect of product creation, continued development and manufacturing, often demands enhanced scrutiny and creative disruption. Today more than ever, IoT is at the heart of IT strategy, with over 50 billion devices predicted to be connected by 2020. We are already seeing IoT being used to support large scale business transformations and connected / smarter products are a key growth area.

Engineering Services for the Physical and Digital Worlds
Our Product and Engineering Services brings together deep domain and technology expertise for both the digital and the physical world of products. Our consulting, technology and assets led solutions enable global companies to unlock the true potential of their product portfolios.

With over 10,000 engineers across the globe and over 30 years of experience, our Product and Engineering Services offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services to meet your needs during each stage of the product life cycle. Our expertise in the core solution interventions is made scalable through our Rightshore® delivery model.


We have successfully delivered results in several areas including:

  • New technology enablement, product modernization and new markets penetration
  • Co-innovation to design and develop future-proof products
  • Build and operate managed test centers
  • In-market product support and end-of-life extension
  • Business and technology transformation programs

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    Juha Vaitilo
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