Results-driven, Inquisitive, and diligent.

Nithiya Gunasekaran

imageqxe9.pngDescribe yourself with 3 words:
Results-driven, Inquisitive, and diligent.

Tell us about your background:
I did my studies in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Started my career at Cognizant India right after my graduation where I got trained in Testing Academy by chance but that set my career path after being certain how I am interested & passionate about Testing and how it offers wide opportunities to learn, explore and grow.

So now, I have about 10 years of experience in QE&A at different streams and competencies for several international clients that include various sectors.

I would like to read books and try different exercise & art forms in my pastime.

My career at Sogeti:
I started at Sogeti in April 2021. As a first role, I got an opportunity to manage the Tooling Business and services for functional, Automation and non-functional testing for the important clients coordinating with various leading vendors. This is a very different role from what I have been doing earlier with Core testing, but I wanted to try out something new which really gave me lot of new insights (including networks and cloud area) mainly on what happens outside of an actual testing and how they are significant for the smoother and successful delivery of the testing projects.

With those learnings and experience, I was able to grow myself to the point where I can help during the process of new procurements for the customers, support in setting up the new Cloud/tooling Architecture, propose an alternative effective solution and solving the challenging problems.

Additionally with an interest to add something more to my profile, I learnt and took up the role of Application Security testing Consultant for one of the customers which includes proposing the test plan & scope, execution and delivering reports/recommendations to prevent and rectify the gaps in the Security.

Also, I sometimes support Sales as part of Tooling setup/POC for new customers and provide a training for test managers and testers on testing tools.

What are you particularly excited about in your work?
Something new to learn every day, surprises/challenges, the excitement it provides while arriving at the end-result, working towards customer satisfaction and being different.

What is your typical working day like?
As my role is very versatile, my workday will start with prioritizing the tasks and activities for the day. Then generally the day goes on completing or progressing on those tasks, responding for the requests across project teams, vendors and customers coming through various channels, attending, and scheduling meetings, solving the issues, planning for upcoming future work, coordinating, and helping Offshore team members. I will also make sure to allot some time opting in for the trainings and learnings that I am interested in.

Why did you choose Sogeti/how did you end up at Sogeti?
When I moved to Finland and started looking for the job here, obviously Sogeti being one of the leading QA/Testing Organization in Finland and internationally, part of Capgemini group, it was top on my list as it perfectly fits my experience and aspiration. So, I started applying for the suitable roles through LinkedIn, Open jobs page at Sogeti website and other platforms. So, I was super glad when I could finally get into the company that I wished for.

I would say Sogeti is a place to work for in all terms! It provides a warm, healthy work environment which every Sogetians would agree with me. People will be always supportive and never leave you feel alone. The good work will be acknowledged and rewarded for sure. Whatever anyone would like to learn and grow in the testing industry, I think Sogeti has got everything needed starting from well-known top clients, various & advanced streams and world-renowned technologies/tools in the market.

Kuulostaako hyvältä?

Uskomme, että yhdistelmä erilaisia ihmisiä ja heidän ideoitaan on paras tapa kehittyä ja menestyä.
Katso avoimet työpaikkamme

Kuulostaako hyvältä?

Uskomme, että yhdistelmä erilaisia ihmisiä ja heidän ideoitaan on paras tapa kehittyä ja menestyä.
Katso avoimet työpaikkamme