Making an impact in customers' lives is motivating

Shashank Kallole

imageqxe9.pngDescribe yourself with 3 words:
Creative, innovative and visionary

Tell about your educational and working background:
I have studied Computer Management and I have over 15 years of experience in software testing and test management. My career started as a testing consultant at Capgemini India in 2006 and I am still passionate about testing! Since 2006, I has managed offshore, onshore and nearshore teams for global projects. As an end-to-end test automation architect and testing solution consultant, I have played key roles in implementing testing methodologies, including SAFe, waterfall and hybrid.

My career at Sogeti:
I got connected with Sogeti Finland in 2016 for a short term assignment  which later on turned into a strong bond. Currently, I am working as Managing Consultant, supporting various clients to optimize their testing (Manual and Automation) areas specially in ERP and digital transformation.

About what you feel inspired in your job?
Overcoming challenges with creative and innovative ideas is one of the most important things in my life. I am always excited about new challenges to solve by using creative ideas with correct vision. I am always been encouraged to be creative and innovative!

I also feel I am part of projects that are bigger than myself or my capabilities and that makes me feel inspired. I seek out ways to contribute in a creative way, which provide me with a sense of ownership both in my own work and my overall environment.  Making an impact on my company and in customers' lives is motivating.

How is your typical working day?
Specially, I would like to mention my black coffee habit: I got a habit of black coffee after moving to Finland.

The day is often full of meetings and discussions on day to day tasks, but still I purposely find time to learn something new every day. I also make sure to keep an eye new tools or new ways of working in the testing market.

Why did you choose Sogeti?
Sogeti has great working culture. It is supportive and we have team spirit. Sogeti is vast ahead in testing market with some world known methodologies. Additionally, Sogeti Finland is a pioneer for Business Assurance.

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