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Applying Innovation – Your Permanent Business Beauty Contest

What is innovation? Is there a right time for innovation?

To put it simply, innovation is continuous renewal. It’s about finding, creating, and utilizing better ways to expand your business model, to grow your operational excellence, and to optimize customer intimacy.

Hear our experts, Frank Wammes – Chief Technology Officer, Continental Europe- Capgemini, and Jaap Bloem, Principal Analyst- Sogeti share their insights on how and when innovation should be applied.

JAAP: Hi Frank. Innovation keeps topping the charts. I don’t know if the holiday season makes a difference but 13 pages long the Harvard Business Review tries to explain when it’s time for companies to reinvent themselves. Their article in the December 2015 issue “Knowing When to Reinvent” features examples from Nestlé, Adobe, Xerox, Netflix and Aetna. As a CTO and industry consulting veteran, what is your take on innovation these days? [...]


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Jaap Bloem
Jaap Bloem
Research Director at VINT
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