The Robots Are Coming, So What?

Disaster headlines are queuing. The robots are coming, jobs will be lost! Are we (humans) superfluous? No! Robots create new jobs others claim. What shall we believe?


Robots can take over routine tasks, heavy and monotonous work that does not require any special educational qualifications but is also debilitating to the human body. Many jobs of this type will disappear as a result of robots.

Setup and commissioning of robots create new jobs that require a certain level of education, skilled workers as well as engineers and perhaps in the long run workers with new types of special education. This type of employees is already in demand – there is a little disagreement whether there is already a lack of this type of skills in the workforce, but the challenge will be to up-skill the part of the workforce that is being superseded to take on the new type of work.[...]

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Erik Haahr
Erik Haahr
Managing Consultant